Grand Master Cheezic

Grand Master Cheezic
Jan 17, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that we have lost a great man, leader, mentor and friend when Grand Master Cheezic passed away this afternoon.  Please honor the privacy of the family but keep them in your prayers.  Once we hear anything on arrangements we will post further information. 

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Eileen Shaughnessy 01.18.2021

I’m John and Colleen’s mother. We have so many great memories of the many tournaments we went to. Any other year, I would imagine a very long line of people at a wake to offer condolences and share stories of how Master Cheezic impacted lives. I think it would be amazing if all of those impacted were to share that in some kind of forum for his family to read.

Bob Daigle 01.18.2021

We only met a few times, but one of them was when he awarded me my black belt in 1997.

This man's impact on the sport changed my life for the better in ways I cannot begin to measure.

Few people can bring such light into the world. I am so grateful for his impact.

Walter Mattson 01.19.2021

May I express sincere condolences on behalf of myself and the members of my Association. Master Cheezic and I had the highest respect for each other dating back to the 1960's. I pray for the Cheezic family and for everyone who knew Bob as their teacher. May the memories of happier times carry you all through this most heartbreaking time.

Master Walter Mattson Okinawa Uechi Ryu Karate Do Association

Susan Gabriele 01.19.2021

I received news last night that Grand Master Cheezic passed away this weekend, I have no words just disbelief and sadness..My son has been apart of the CHEEZIC Federation family since he was 5 years old..🥋

Grand Master CHEEZIC encouraged my son at a very early age of 6 years old, he singled him out at a belt test, asked him to come to the front of the son was shy and extremely small for his age, he asked his name and said “oh boy you are something and will go far! “ My son Is now 18 and a 3rd degree BB in Tang Soo Do - CHEEZIC community..

Thank you Grand Master, you encouraged and inspired our Kids in their karate journey and daily lives to be fair, respectful of each other, supportive, encouraged one another, conduct themself with sportsmanship and heart ...🇰🇷👊🏻🇺🇸
This is so so sad 😭

Colin Clark 01.19.2021

My instructor, Skip Welton, called me to share the news of Grandmaster Cheezic's passing. I was a bit incredulous, so indomitable was Mr. Cheezic's spirit! I'll always remember his feedback on tests, encouragement to always inprove, and especially to be of service to others. Appreciation and prayers to his family. Tang Soo! Colin Clark dan #252

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