Inter-Club Competitions

This is a great introduction to competitions for all students that are members of Cheezic Tang Soo Do from a white belt to a Master belt.

By grouping competitors within certain age, experience, and rank we foster an environment to ensure a safe, fair, and learning competitive experience. 

These tournaments give every student a chance to represent their schools and get to know and learn from others in the same Federation. 

They may even get to take home a trophy!

Inter-club tournaments are held four times a year at Holy Cross High School, 587 Oronoke Road, Waterbury, CT.  06708. 

Registration fee is $40.00 and begins at 8:30 a.m.
There is a Spectator fee of $5.00. 

You can pre-register for the tournament or you can pay at the door the day of the event.

Upcoming Tournaments:

January 13, 2019 -      Sparring & Weapons Registration

March 31, 2019-         Forms & Breaking Registration

May 19, 2019 -          Sparring & Weapons Registration

November 17, 2019 - Forms & Breaking Registration

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