Name Tony Melo
Black Belt # 741
Rank 5th Degree Master Black Belt
Date Started Training 1992
Dojang Location West Haven   website

Martial Arts Specialty

Educational Background Masters of Science
 Fairfield University - Software Engineering
Bachelors of Science
 Southern CT State University
  - Management Information Systems
Martial Arts Philosophy Uphold tradition, Train Hard and
Never forget where you came from.
Special Accomplishments
  • 2011 Cheezic Tang Soo Do Hall of Fame finalist
  • USBA/WBA Competition Record for most boards broken w/hand technique
         (14 boards) 06.06.2009; tied own record on 06.05.2010
  • 6-time World Breaking Champion
  • 2008 - Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2010, 2009, 2008 - World Breaking Champion
  • 2007 - State Champion in Forms Competition, KRANE

  • Master Tony Daniel Melo began his Cheezic Tang Soo Do training in 1992 at the Central Connecticut State University Dojang.
    Master Melo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Southern Connecticut State University, and his Masters of Science degree in Engineering from Fairfield University.

    Master Melo's Martial Arts accomplishments are many. A regular tournament competitor, he placed 1st in the State, 5th Nationally for Forms Competition in 2007, competing on the KRANE circuit. In 2008, he won the World Championship USBA/WBA Breaking division at the U.S. Open in Orlando, FL for the most boards broken with an elbow technique, and he holds the USBA/WBA competition record for most boards broken with a hand technique.

    Master Melo offers the following advice: "Follow tradition, Train hard" and "Never forget where you came from."

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