Name Adam Gorski
Black Belt # 609
Rank 5th Degree Master Black Belt
Date Started Training 1990
Dojang Location Hamden YMCA   website

Martial Arts Specialty

Forms & Weapons
Educational Background MBA:
 University of Hartford
Bachelor's Degree:
  Central CT State University
Martial Arts Philosophy “It’s more than just karate”
“The family that kicks together sticks together!”
Special Accomplishments 2008 - Hall of Fame
  Action Martial Arts

Master Adam Gorski began his training in Cheezic Tang Soo Do in 1990 at Central Connecticut State University where he was a student. He went on to study at the University of Hartford where he earned his MBA. He is currently Global Vice President of Information Technology for a major corporation. In addition to his full time job, he teaches Tang Soo Do part time and runs the Hamden dojang. He also coordinates the activities of and supervises the Poland and Ireland federation dojangs.
An avid competitor, Master Gorski competes in all Cheezic Tang Soo Do tournaments, and has earned numerous trophies in all divisions. His martial arts specialties include forms and weapons (Bo staff and nunchakus). He believes in two adages: “It’s more than just karate”, and “The family that kicks together sticks together!”

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